The renal artery duplex ultrasound examines the renal arteries, which carry blood to the kidney. Kidney function can be studied by providing a real-time image of the blood flow and the blood velocities of the renal artery. The degree of narrowing of the arteries may be determined, which can cause high blood pressure or kidney failure. Unlike a CT scan, this ultrasound can be done with no radiation exposure; and it is significantly cheaper compared to an MRI exam. The exam generally takes about 45 minutes.

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Patients must be fasting 6-8 hours before the ultrasound. Consult your medical professional for specific directions as instructions may vary.



Small kidneys

Acute renal failure

Chronic renal failure


Abdominal bruit

Age over 50

Renal artery stenosis (RAS)

Masses or cysts

Chronic renal failure

Small kidneys

Acute kidney failure

Renal vein occlusion

Renal artery embolus

Renal carcinoma

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