Founded in 2012, DJ Diagnostics provides accurate, timely and reliable services in medical imaging. Our doctors are Board certified in radiology and cardiology medicine. Our sonographers are ARDMS registered, highly qualified, and participate in regular continuous medical education courses.

Our continuous investment in modern technology allows us to provide outstanding service and accurate diagnoses in all areas of ultrasound scans. Our highly-trained specialists keep up-to-date with all the latest techniques and applications and are broadly observed as some of the very best in their profession.

Ultrasound scanning is a medical test that uses high-frequency waves to examine organs inside the body with real-time imaging. Unlike other techniques, ultrasound is the safest and preferred imaging method as it does not involve the risks of radiation. Ultrasound procedures include echocardiogram ( 2-Dimensional doppler and M-mode), arterial and venous, carotid Doppler vascular studies, abdominal (gallbladder, pancreas, liver, and spleen), abdominal aorta, breast, prostate, renal, thyroid, and scrotal.

The medical professional who performs your exam is known as a diagnostic sonographer. Our sonographers are the most profoundly qualified and skilled specialists in the nation. Each sonographer is credentialed by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS®).

Ultrasound is a comfortable, non-invasive, painless, and risk-free procedure. During the process, the patient lies down while the sonographer applies a gel to the body part that is being scanned. A device called a transducer is gently used to capture the real-time images of the organs, which are studied on a video screen. The patient is free to leave and resume normal activities once the procedure is done. Most ultrasounds take about 30 minutes.

Each type of ultrasound has different but mostly simple preparation instructions. See descriptions for each service for their specific directions.

Mobile services

Our advanced fully portable diagnostic equipment allows us to perform on-demand services at multipe locations, such as physician’s offices, hospitals, convalescent homes, assisted living facilities and even at patient’s homes. We offer timely diagnostic services to homebound patients with no acces to medical transport.

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